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Environmental Commitment.

Forstone has emerged as one of the area’s leading owners, developers and managers of sustainable real estate including green operations and management practices. Efficient operation and management techniques, selective capital improvements and non-toxic cleaning products provide an increased tenant experience, reduce operating costs and increase long term value. Forstone recently began implementing green technologies throughout our portfolio.

Our Initiatives Include:
  • Lighting retro-fits and motion-sensor switches resulting in the reduction of electricity consumption.
  • "Right-sizing” mechanical systems for increased efficiency and savings
  • Modifying the water timing system and replacing fixtures for improved effectivenes
  • Monitoring and replacing filters in heating and cooling systems
  • Effective recycling of waste products
  • Mandating the use of environmentally safe products

The sample of initiatives listed above encapsulates Forstone’s desire for sustainable building practices and our recent partnership with ECCO Energy demonstrates our commitment to efficient, sustainable buildings. In partnership with ECCO Energy, an energy services company who shares our strategy of improving energy efficiency for our workplaces and environment, we have implemented our green initiative by replacing each lighting fixture and bulb throughout our entire 855 Main Street building with fixtures that consume half the amount of energy and produce a better quality of light for our tenants. The combination of energy-efficient lighting and energy-conscious measures will reduce CO2 emissions by 598,455 lbs. per year. This is equivalent to adding 82 acres of forest or removing 52 cars from the road each year! At Forstone, it is our duty to set a standard that can be both admired and emulated within each community that we operate.