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Investor Information.

Our goal is to provide investors with highly attractive risk-adjusted returns through the identification and actualization of value creation opportunities. We target investments ranging from high quality, lower risk assets to higher yielding, value added assets and development opportunities. We plan for the long-term while exploiting and managing the short-term opportunities and challenges. We place an emphasis on cash flow, which helps to insulate us from unfriendly capital markets, and helps generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

We operate with an acute focus on what happens between the acquisition and disposition because that is where we believe true value is built. That is why we have built and invested in the Forstone Capital team - a dedicated group of people who have a unique energy, entrepreneurial spirit and ability that has crafted a culture of performance. Our ability to achieve our investment goals are a result of establishing strong financial relationships with both debt and equity sources. We are proud to have maintained long-standing relationships with our investment partners including major public and privatefinancial institutions, high net-worth individuals, and individual investors.

Furthermore, we think and act like owners because we are. Each of the principals of the firm personally invests in every investment we make at Forstone Capital. We believe in the investments we make and back it up with our own money.

With our dynamic vision, commitment and ability, along with a proven record of performance, and a reputation for collaboration and cooperation with our partners, Forstone Capital offers many attractive opportunities to investors.